Facts and Figures
Health Assessments

Migration health assessments, also known as Immigration Medical Examinations (IMEs), involve an evaluation of the physical and mental health of migrants, which includes a review of medical and immunization history, a detailed physical examination, special investigations such as laboratory tests with counselling before and after testing if required and X-rays. Referrals to specialists for additional investigations may also be carried out.  

IOM migration health assessment centres (MHACs) may also provide or refer for treatment where needed and provide other services including, but not limited to health education, vaccination and disease surveillance and outbreak response.  

Findings are documented in detail on the required immigration health forms according to the destination country, and with the migrant’s permission, this information is confidentially transferred to the receiving health and resettlement authorities prior to arrival, thereby promoting continuity of care.  

Upon request, IOM may provide health services such as testing or vaccinations to the employees of the United Nations and related agencies, humanitarian actors and diplomatic communities.